I recently setup a Mastodon server and co-admin it with friends.

I’m rather enjoying it. I was never a big twitter user, but I find the quality of the posts and engagement, along with the lack of ads, to be refreshing in today’s era of influencers and ad tracking. It’s odd, I’d pretty much trained myself to ignore most ads in “traditional” social media, but their absence is noticeable for the lack thereof. Sort of like moving to the country and enjoying the silence, it promotes tranquility and makes it easier to take in the general content. I will continue to investigate the Fediverse for sure!

Since I’ve been involved with the internet since the early dial-up days, I’ve been providing access and services to folk in a variety of ways. Currently, I’m providing hosting services, email, and consulting. Adding fediverse hosting into the mix seems like a natural fit for me, so you can read more about my current offerings here.