Email Services

  • Email 1 address- $19.95/quarter
  • Email 5-pack – 5 addresses for $19.95/month Additional addresses $4.00 each/month
  • Email 10-pack – 10 addresses for $29.95/month Additional address $3.00 each/month
  • Email 25-pack – 25 addresses for $49.95/month Additional address $2.00 each/month

Requires your own domain name. DNS hosting included with any email hosting.
Aliases free up to 2x number of paid emails, extra aliases $1/month each.
All accounts get 25GB of disk storage.
Monthly billing, paid 1 month in advance (so the initial bill is 2 months worth)
, payments are accepted via Paypal. Annual and bi-annual payments are supported, with an attendant discount.

Secure IMAP, SMTP, and WWW access to the email.

OHG works hard at anti-spam, using the “junk folder” method so you can see what’s it’s trapping and make sure it’s not overdoing it for you.